Change Modes Database Mirroring SQL Server 2008

Incase you want to change the mode of the mirroring from High Performance to High Safety. You can do it from the command line. ALTER DATABASE SET PARTNER SAFETY OFF; Please note that SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition does not allow changing the safety level. It will throw the below error "Msg 1473, Level 16, … Continue reading Change Modes Database Mirroring SQL Server 2008


SQL SERVER – Query to find number Rows, Columns, ByteSize for each table in the current database – Find Biggest Table in Database (via Journey to SQLAuthority)

USE DatabaseName GO CREATE TABLE #temp ( table_name sysname , row_count INT, reserved_size VARCHAR(50), data_size VARCHAR(50), index_size VARCHAR(50), unused_size VARCHAR(50)) SET NOCOUNT ON INSERT #temp EXEC sp_msforeachtable 'sp_spaceused ''?''' SELECT a.table_name, a.row_count, COUNT(*) AS col_count, a.data_size FROM #temp a INNER JOIN information_schema.columns b ON a.table_name collate database_default = b.table_name collate database_default … Read Morevia Journey to SQLAuthority