Copy one column to another sqlserver

UPDATE table SET columnB = columnA --This will update every row. UPDATE table_name SET destination_column_name=orig_column_name WHERE condition_if_necessary --This will update rows which satisfy the WHERE clause UPDATE table1 SET column1 = ( SELECT column2 FROM table2 WHERE = ); Whereby: table1 = table that has the column that needs to be updated table2 … Continue reading Copy one column to another sqlserver

Truncate Log in Database Mirroring SQL Server 2008 2012

select log_reuse_wait_desc from sys.databases where name = 'AdventureWorks' If Output is "LOG_BACKUP" -- Execute 2 Times just in case -- BACKUP LOG AdventureWorks TO DISK='NUL:' -- Now Truncate the Log -- USE AdventureWorks GO ALTER DATABASE AdventureWorksSET RECOVERY SIMPLE WITH NO_WAIT; GO DBCC SHRINKFILE(AdventureWorks_LOG, 100); GO ALTER DATABASE AdventureWorks SET RECOVERY FULL WITH NO_WAIT; GO