SQL Server – How to Move Database Files – Data File and Log File – From One Drive Location to the Other


Most of the DBAs at some point of time in their career should have faced at-least one of the below situation(s):

1. The disk/SAN where the database files are located is going to be replaced
2. Disk is full and no more free space available
3. Data files and/or log files are not located on standard drives

There can be even more secnarios like the above where we may need to move the database files from current location to a new location. Starting SQL Server 2005 this can be simply achieved by using ALTER DATABASE T-SQL command

Let us take the below scenario for step-by-step Demo:

Database: AdventureWorks2012
Current Files Location: C:Disk1
NewTarget Files Location: C:Disk2

Step 1:Get the current database files Logical Name and Physical Location

USE master
SELECT name AS LogicalFileName, physical_name AS FileLocation
, state_desc AS Status 
FROM sys.master_files 
WHERE database_id = 

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